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Helping you reach old and new customers Promoting your products and services by email can be a very powerful and flexible form of direct marketing, it’s one of the best customer relationship and customer acquisition tools available and allows you to communicate your messages quickly safely and accurately.

Daunted? Then don’t be… Outsourcing your email marketing campaigns is a quick and effective solution if you don’t have the time knowledge or resource to manage campaigns in-house.

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Your campaigns will be created, tested and optimised according to best industry standards and executed on time. PDF reporting is provided to show full campaign statistics and includes confirmed delivery, timed opens, clicked, unsubscribed, soft and hard bounced. An excel spreadsheet is also included listing the status of every email address in separate worksheets.

We can take care of every aspect of your company’s email marketing requirements, leaving you to work on the bigger picture – growing your business. Our expert team are waiting to help you send great campaigns out the door.


Need to send out email campaign promotions, newsletters or event invitations but don’t have the time?
Learn how Lifeboat Marketing can help save you time & money.

Fully Authenticated Sub-Domain

Fraudulent mail, spam, spoofing and phishing are becoming more prevalent each and every day. The sub-domain authentication and protection methods safeguard your company and ensure your campaign emails get delivered every time.

Personalised Email Header

No mishmash of third party domains
Only your Company’s sub domain is used!

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Personalised Email Body

All Images, webversion & unsubscribe links
reference your Company’s sub domain

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PDF & Excel Reporting

Receive daily or weekly reports to show full campaign statistics.

PDF includes campaign statistics, confirmed delivery, timed opens (in seconds), clicked, unsubscribed, soft and hard bounced, printed and forwarded. Available with or without the subscriber data.

Excel spreadsheet lists the status of every email address in seperate worksheets.

NEW: Campaign Comparison Charts
Compare the latest campaign against a previous campaign’s statistics to see which was more successful.

NEW: Timed Opens
Knowing exactly how long your subscriber viewed the email is critical to determine the true success of a campaign’s content and subscriber interest.

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Campaign Pricing

Onboard Mail
Cost effective email campaigns at you fingers tips!

per month

No setup fees. No hidden contracts. Cancel Anytime.

An Enterprise-Grade Solution with Premium Features at Ridiculously Low Prices!

Prepay and save: 6 Month Prepay: 6% off or 12 Month Prepay: 12% off³

¹Dedicated IP address addon required. ²Unused email credits expire monthly. ³Bank transfers only.


Upgrade the features in your account based on your needs. You can add these at any time.

Credit Packages
Upgrade your standard Email Credit package.
Send & Track up to 5,000 – £5.00 per month⁴
Send & Track up to 10,000 – £10.00 per month⁴
Send & Track up to 25,000 – £20.00 per month⁴
Send & Track up to 50,000 – £30.00 per month⁴

⁴Includes 2,500 send & track email credits from base package, unused email credits expire monthly.

Campaign Services
Add additional extra services to your standard Managed Campaign services.
1 Additional Campaign – £28.00
2 Additional Campaigns – £52.00
3 Additional Campaigns – £72.00
4 Additional Campaigns – £88.00
5 Additional Campaigns – £100.00
Website Content Retrieval – from £30.00⁵

⁵An additional charge will apply if you require us to extract content from your existing website to build your email campaign. Please contact us for an accurate price.

Dedicated IP Address
Upgrade your standard shared IP settings.

Segregate your campaign emails from other companies by using a dedicated IP, this can significantly improve your email deliverability.

1 dedicated IP address – £200.00 per month


Add additional one-off features to your account based on your needs. You can add these at any time.

Topup Credit Packages
Add additional one-off Email Credit packages. These last for the life of your account or until they’re used up.
Send & Track Additional 10,000 – £10.00
Send & Track Additional 15,000 – £14.00
Send & Track Additional 20,000 – £18.00
Send & Track Additional 25,000 – £22.00
Send & Track Additional 30,000 – £26.00
Send & Track Additional 35,000 – £30.00
Send & Track Additional 40,000 – £34.00
Send & Track Additional 45,000 – £38.00
Send & Track Additional 50,000 – £42.00
Send & Track Additional 55,000 – £46.00
Send & Track Additional 60,000 – £50.00
Campaign Services
Add additional one-off services to your Managed Campaign services.
Each Additional Campaign – £30.00
Website Content Retrieval – from £35.00⁶
New Custom Template – £149.00
Email Data Cleansing – £POA⁷

⁶An additional charge will apply if you require us to extract content from your existing website to build your email campaign. Please contact us for an accurate price.

⁷To ensure your mail is trusted you need to have clean lists to start with. Your contact lists will be screened through a Data Cleansing system, this removes bad and poorly performing email addresses which in turn increases IP and domain reputation, resulting in more mail being delivered and opened! Please contact us for an accurate price.

Pricing FAQs

How can I pay?

Our payment provider PayPal also accepts Debit & Credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards. We also accept bank transfers.

Currently we don’t accept any other payment methods.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no extra charges for usage. The price you see here for your package is the price you pay.

If you exceed your quota, optional extras/addons are available.

How can I upgrade?

You have the option to upgrade (or downgrade) from your base package at anytime, from within your account. Or you can always contact us.

You’ll simply pay the difference or receive credit for your next payment.

Do you offer a non-profit discount?

Yes, to receive a 20% discount simply contact us with the registered details of your non-profit organisation.

We’ll apply the discount code to your account, ready for your first payment.

Email marketing is the perfect method to engage and develop good relationships with your audience. You can target your message to a specific type of customer, interact with your subscribers and substantially convert more business. This is more cost effective than any other type of marketing.

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to take your email marketing to the next level, our pricing scheme makes things really simple. We offer an affordable managed email service with tailored support to match your exact requirements and budget. So save time and resources to maximise your campaign results with Lifeboat Marketing’s Managed Email Service.

Outsourcing your email campaigns with Lifeboat Marketing makes your Email Marketing so simple!

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